Moisturizing cream,body wash,face wash,body lotion & Hydrating cream combo

Smooth and serene Face Wash - Throughout the day Many impurities accumulated on your face skin like Dirt, excess oil, dead skin cell, bacterias & also makeup which if left uncleansed will lead to many skin problems. Loee bobvn face cleanser is a less foaming face wash that ensures to maintain the Perfect PH level leaving the skin refreshed, brightened, and reveal a fresh layer of skin beneath.

Galaxy Body Wash - Soaps and body wash containing harmful chemicals like Parabens, Sulphate & Dioxane is the reason that your skin is introduced to conditions like rashes, irritation, and hormonal changes. Loee bobvn Galaxy Body Cleanser is natural and contains no such chemical. It's a perfect shower partner that helps you in getting rid of dirt, excess oil, sweat, odor, and makeup from your skin.

Daily Ultra Hydrant Body Lotion-Shower with soaps & environmental conditions causes loss of hydration in the upper layer of your skin further causes dry, rough & itchy skin. Loee bobvn Daily Ultra Hydrant Body Lotion with ingredients like Bees Wax, Vitamin E oil & Aloe Barbadensis will help your skin to regain the perfect moisture balance, softness, and relaxing feel.

Triple action infused hydrating moisturizing cream-Your face skin is the most exposed to the environment than any other area of your body and tends to lose its hydration more promptly. Treat dullness, anti-aging, uneven skin tone, dark spots & wrinkle with  Loee bobvn Triple Action Infused hydrating Cream with ingredients like Santalum extract, Jojoba oil & Glabra extract will give your skin overnight hydration and repair from external and internal damages.

Treat & Transform Moisturizing Day Creme -Face is the most sensitive area of your body and replaces its skin more often than any other area of your body. This action makes facial skin more exposed to bad environmental elements. Loee bobvn Special Treat and Transform face cream will provide your sensitive skin the necessary elements to repair and shine better than ever.  

Moisturizing cream,body wash,face wash,body lotion & Hydrating cream combo

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