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Expect More from your Body wash

What comes to our mind when we talk about body wash, something refreshing good fragrance that provides a relaxing feel.

Well we have been played that way all along and thus we had limited ourselves about the basic purpose of body wash, so let's break it down.

It should Clean without damaging your skin

Yes, Cleaning should be the topmost priority but just imagine how much you care for your face that is just 10% of your entire body and we leave 90% of our body un-attended and compromise it with harsh soaps and other bodies wash. We should pick a gentle cleanser that should not damage the skin at all.

It should provide Moisture to the skin

Yes Moisture is the key to any skincare routine then why not our entire body, Most of the bathing products take away moisture because they tend to clean oil and dirt from body, But we should always pick a product that is gentle and moisturize our skin and should not cause dryness.

What Ingredients one should look in before purchasing body wash?

1. It should not be a synthetic body wash and should have a base of aloe vera or other plants which will give enough moisture and other benefits like anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & enhance skin quality

2. if your skin is bumpy acne-prone lookout for a product that has salicylic acid in it

3. Charcoal beads are awesome they are harmless

4. Ideally we should go for a fragrance-free product but lookout for something which has natural fragrance products like rose, green apple , lemon because these fragrances can be formulated from a single plant source.